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Who we are

Get an Insight into the World of Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant with Us

Come, let us together find out ultimate solutions to your worries from the extracted details and authentic interpretations. We are here to help everyone in need from a higher perspective. 

I have touched the lives of many people in trouble by providing them with the best, simple, and practical solutions. At RC Psychics or Rincy Calling, you can also come across a panel of readers and psychics along with masters or Reiki. Energies play a crucial role in events happening in our life. We all work in sync with the laws of nature and, therefore, can provide the ultimate solutions. 

Evolve your personality into a more stable, mature, and reviving one.

As a psychic Medium and clairvoyant when I began pursuing psychic reading, I felt the need to reach out to more. I decided to help everyone in need. I offer several services, like Mediumship, Clairvoyant, healing, tarot reading, astrology, numerology reading, and much more.

We offer:

  • Psychic Tarot reading
  • Psychic Mediumship reading
  • Clairvoyant Reading
  • Photo Reading (Deceased ones, lost people & pets
  • Group Reading
  • Crystal healing
  • Reiki healing
  • Online astrology reading
  • Numerology reading

Our Services in Detail

We know that you may have some disturbances or problems in life that could stir you and break the balance. Ups and downs are part of life. But do not worry about them as they will be in the future also. The only thing you can do about it is to realize what is bothering you and take action. You may even want to know if this was a natural problem or was someone behind this? 

We also specialize in Runes reading, Siberian/Vedic astrology, along with compound numerology. These are incredibly effective works as these are ancient ways and hence, have a higher degree of accuracy. The fields of specialization can provide a better sense of relief and have millions of believers of the same globally. 

Other Services We Offer 

Besides binding and rune reading, we offer Reiki healing, crystal healing, spiritual healing, and astrology. Besides, we also have a separate space to provide a detailed workshop on Tarot and astrology. 

Moreover, we help people with

  • Love and Relationship Issues
  • Photo Reading
  • Mediumship reading
  • Group reading
  • lost people, pets & ….
  • Career & Business Guidance
  • Finance & Money Issues
  • Deceased Ones
  • Family, Children, & Education
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Past, Present, & Future

Interested seekers may keep an eye on these here at our site so that you do not miss the upcoming events too. We currently provide a 10% discount for first-time bookings.

We have our store wherefrom you can get access to products to aid your spiritual growth. These include items that can purify or create positive energies to flow into your life.

Our Purpose of Life

As a team of psychic healers, we commit to treading the most humanitarian path when it comes to healing. Our specialty lies in providing the best solutions, including magical binding as per the laws of the universe. We do not believe in committing any harm to anyone but offer the ideal solution only. 

Call us and let us take you through the path of success and give a boost to happier times ahead.