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Workshops and Tutorials

We will Announce the date on website. All sessions and workshops are always arranged on zoom. We will send link to join after you paid the fees. We need minimum 25 people to start the session.

Types of workshops 

1. Tarot workshops,

We can afford maximum 100 people a session and minimum 25. Twice in a week (weekend) two-hour class for two days.

13 weeks sessions, 5 cards a week

2. Oracle workshops

Weekend two days one hour each four weeks

3. Runes and casting runes lessons

Workshops will available who paid for it. Two days a week on weekend 1 hour each day for one month

4. Vedic Astrology

Six months minimum. Two days a week. One hour each session.

5. Horary Astrology

Three months basic session minimum. Two days a week, one hour lesson